Classroom training

Things continue to evolve in the training environment. Maybe you’re aware that you have a requirement for some refresher or top-up training, but you can’t quite see how to make it work.

6 months ago (for us providers) it was all about moving over to online. Training on Zoom. To Market has run programmes for clients on Zoom. We’ve had some great feedback too. But somehow it doesn’t quite feel the same. Each session has to be kept to an hour or 90 minutes tops. I find it difficult concentrating for longer than that. So I’m sure delegates do too! Consequently training courses are split up into more modules, spread over days or even weeks.

Classroom training

More clients are expressing interest in a return to classroom based training again. Chances are you’ve now got your offices set up to ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff. You have hand sanitiser stations and less people in the office at any one time so as to ensure social distancing. Others are working from home. Cleaning routines are now more thorough too. Meeting rooms are capable of hosting meetings, training sessions etc, albeit with smaller groups than was the case historically. Hopefully this describes the set-up of your workplace.

Your situation

The need for training has never gone away. You still want your team to be ‘top of their game’ and certainly WAY better than your competitors. They may need some refresher training. A top-up. Also many people are finding that their roles are changing in this post-Covid world. New skills have to be learned. Changes to working processes are widescale too.

But we haven’t got any money!

Many of you have fragile businesses at the moment. You’re not sure what the future looks like. If you can just get through to 2021, you are optimistic that things will improve. This is the case for many at the moment, but certainly not all. Consequently, To Market is offering payment terms currently, to help you smooth your expenditure.

What’s next?

If this describes your situation, let’s talk. You can contact us by filling in just a few details. We’ll be in touch.