Worried cartoon salesman

There’s nothing to fear. Let’s do this online.

These are indeed strange times currently. But things will change and gradually the UK will open for business again. Will you gear up to hit the ground running?

Are you looking for some sales training for either your field or your office based teams?

You may have your sales team stuck at home. They might be furloughed. But either way they are underutilised. Ideally, you’d like to keep them ticking over, ahead of the upturn.

We have 2 options for sales training now available, online. All training runs through Zoom.

One day sales communications course

We have our core sales communications course. This is a one day course but takes place over 5 Zoom sessions. Each will last 60 – 90 minutes. Click here to find out more about the one day online sales communication course.

Bite-sized training 

Maybe you’re not looking for a full day’s course, but you might be interested to enrol some of your team on individual bite-sized sessions. Each one will run for 45 – 60 minutes and you simply pay as you go. Again each of these will run on pre-set dates in Zoom. Click for more details about our online bite-sized sales training.

Pricing and budgeting

We’re also very aware of the fact that the business environment is very challenging at the moment for many. We hope that for your sake and ours the economy picks up again quickly. Consequently, we are offering a range of flexible payment options currently while this pandemic is threatening everyone’s cashflow. For all previous To Market clients, we can offer payment terms.

So if you’re looking at training for any of your sales team : office based or in the field, let us know. Send us some details here. And we’ll be in touch.

Audio CDs

We also have a range of audio CDs which cover many topics related to sales and communication skills. Have a look in our Associated Learning Systems online shop.

For more information, simply call 01858 461148 or send us your contact details here.