Commission or bonus and incentives for my telesales team ? What schemes should I motivate them with ? How much ? Should it be regular commission or one off bonuses ? What works best ? How much is all this going to cost me ? And what if I end up paying more for the same ?! How do I avoid this ?

Telesales commission and bonus schemes

These are some of the questions we get asked by clients frequently. 

Should I pay commission, bonus or run campaigns for my telesales or telemarketing team ?

Well why not do all 3? They all have their place and they can do different things for you.

“It’ll cost me too much” I hear you cry! Well that depends on how much you award in each category doesn’t it? After all if someone is successful, then you’re happy to pay them an amount up to the margin or profit they are making for you – right?

You want to encourage the top performers don’t you? And you don’t want them wandering off to another job – or worse still your opposition.

I believe elements of commission, bonus and campaigns all have their place in your remuneration system. They each do different things. Click here to find the full article,-Bonus-Or-Run-Campaigns-For-My-Telesales-Or-Telemarketing-Team?&id=2088836  we’ve had published at ezine articles.

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