Poor telemarketing looks like this

Here 5 great points about how NOT to do your telemarketing. Good telemarketing requires some thought, some planning and some professional pride. Don’t be one of those telemarketers that gives us all a bad name. Phoning people to sell gas or electricity when they work in serviced offices is clearly a waste of time and frankly not very bright.

How to make telesales scripts work for you

How to make telesales scripts work for you. Make them flexible, train the team in how to go off-script and ensure you have a good call structure. Just as you wouldn’t plan a meeting without an agenda, or a long journey without a map, so a good structured call guide has a place.

Dealing with sales objections is easy

Objection handling is easy as you’ve probably heard it before. Regardless of industry sector, they generally fit the same pattern. We can buy the same cheaper elsewhere, we’re happy with supplier B, we haven’t got any money etc. Our audio CD guides you through how to handle this.

How to make your low value product stand out

How to make your low value product stand out. You may encounter apathy as prospects consider your product too low value to give it much brain space. Develop attention grabbing hooks and use specific facts and data where you can.