Want to sell more?

Sell More. We all want to, but it’s not always that easy to build sales momentum. How are you doing with these 10 areas of marketing? Between them they could be stifling growth or stimulating it. By using a network of clever specialists you can help identify what is holding you back.

The 3 key things you need to grow your small business

3 key things to give some attention to if you’re starting your own business or looking to develop the small business you’ve got. Getting your business idea to the starting line is just that – the start. Keeping it going, nourishing it, and growing it all take additional skills and energy. These 3 points will all help.

Quality data – key to telemarketing success

Good quality data is almost certainly the most important element of a successful telemarketing or telesales campaign. Once you’ve decided on your goal, then data is the next thing to consider. All the best creative elements in the world and the best offers and the best products won’t amount to a hill of beans if you’re not aiming your offer to the right market.

Marketing half day seminar for Leicestershire start-up businesses

Marketing half day seminar for Leicestershire businesses. Recent workshop conducted by Andrew Seaward of To Market in support of the SPARK initiative. Covered all the main topics a small or newly launched business will need to consider in order to get it’s name out and find customers. And all without a vast marketing budget. And no, social media is not necessarily the answer.

The biggest single factor that determines success for your telesales team

The biggest single factor that determines success for your telesales team isn’t the selling skill of your telesales or telemarketing team, surprisingly. The factor which is more important, much more important is the quality of your data.

Cold calling – why it works

Cold calling. Done well it works. OK, it may not be fashionable, but as a cost effective way of finding new business it is unrivalled. Do it badly though as many business to consumer companies do it and it will harm your reputation. We can help you avoid the pitfalls.