Targeting lapsed customers – a must have

Contacting your lapsed customers is generally reckoned to be the second best place to get additional business. It is worth asking them why they’re no longer trading with you. Using some independent outsourced telemarketing can help you achieve this.

Tips on delivering bad news

Tips on delivering bad news from To Market. This topic is covered on the 2 day customer service course during the session on Language to influence. Our customer service courses are lively and interactive and feature a range of exercises : recordings, brain storming sessions and exercises working in pairs. Download a sample course schedule from our website to get more information.

Customer Service Telesales & Telemarketing training

Telesales, telemarketing, and customer service training from To Market to suit you. Onsite at your premises. 2 day fully interactive telephone skills training for call centre, contact centre, internal sales, telesales, customer service and telemarketing. Or book individual places on our open courses.