Poor telemarketing looks like this

Here 5 great points about how NOT to do your telemarketing. Good telemarketing requires some thought, some planning and some professional pride. Don’t be one of those telemarketers that gives us all a bad name. Phoning people to sell gas or electricity when they work in serviced offices is clearly a waste of time and frankly not very bright.

8 Appointment setting tips for telemarketers

8 Appointment setting tips for telemarketers. Our experience over the years booking appointments has helped us learn some of the tricks of the trade. Here are 8 tips to help you set more telemarketing appointments more often with more people.

Increasing telesales conversion rates – 5 top tips

It’s all very well making lots of calls, but it’s results you really want. So conversion rate is really important. Here are 5 of our tips for helping get more orders or appointments from your call activity.

The most important quality for a successful telesales person?

5 characteristics you are likely to find in successful, top performing telesales and telemarketing teams. Our observations and research identifies many, but certainly these 5 are key to understanding why some individuals perform better than others.

Cold calls fear cartoon

7 tips to overcome cold call fear

7 top tips to help face up to cold call fear. Cold calls for telesales, telemarketing and sales people are a key part of building the business. Not everyone takes on this role eagerly and so here we’ve set down 7 tips that we hope will help.

How to make telesales scripts work for you

How to make telesales scripts work for you. Make them flexible, train the team in how to go off-script and ensure you have a good call structure. Just as you wouldn’t plan a meeting without an agenda, or a long journey without a map, so a good structured call guide has a place.

More successful appointment setting for field sales – Leicester

Appointment setting training for field based sales teams from telephone skills expert Andrew Seaward of To Market. One day course for sales teams to help them make the most of their phone calls in the office. Generating more appointments creates more sales opportunities. Simple as…..

How to ensure you’re talking benefits not features

Ensure you stay focused on the benefits when talking about your products or services with your customers. It’s not so important what the products or services come with, but what they do for the customer. How does the product or service make their life easier or save them money. That’s all they’re interested in.