Power tool

Your sales script is a powerful tool when used professionally

Call guides and scripts. Constructed and used professionally, they can be a powerful tool to help you dig up more opportunities on the phone. But used badly, they give us all a bad name. Here, we set out some of the main factors to consider when preparing yourself for effective outbound calls.

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How about a team audit on your telemarketing team?

Having an independent team audit carried out on your telemarketing or telesales team can give big benefits. You will learn things that perhaps you didn’t know or it may confirm your feelings. Book an independent team audit on your team and look for ways to improve results.

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Telemarketing appointment setting in choppy waters

Telemarketing appointment setting in tough times. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying and think through the implications of their situation and how you could help them. More tips on appointment making for telemarketing and lead generation teams as well as field based sales teams here.

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Good selling is not always about selling

Good selling in B2B is often about informing and offering knowledge, and advice to your customer, then allowing them to make their decision. Building your own credibility long-term with industrial or commercial customers will pay great dividends long-term once they know they can trust you.

Building structure

Have a good strong call structure – it works

Using a strong call guide or blueprint helps massively when it comes to making great outbound telesales or telemarketing calls. Here we describe how it helps and the key areas to focus on to close more deals with more people more often.

Outbound telephone prospecting is back in fashion

Outbound telephone prospecting is back in fashion. It allows you to find out more about what your customers want and really think. It is also entirely numeric. So you can count all of it, and look for changes over time. Working backwards you can see what input you need to generate what output.