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Can furloughed workers enrol on online training? This is a question I’ve been asked recently. More than once. So, I’ve looked into it by speaking to specialists in the field. Employment law specialists.

And the good news appears to be that Yes they can.

Always get your own advice

My initial advice would be that you should always seek out your own legal advice before undertaking any commitment of this type. The first place to look is on the Government’s website. Scroll down about three quarters of the page under the heading ‘While you’re on furlough’

Once you are on furlough you will not be able to work for your employer, but you can undertake training or volunteer subject to public health guidance, as long as you’re not:

  • making money for your employer
  • providing services to your employer

If workers are required to for example, complete training courses whilst they are furloughed, then they must be paid at least the NLW/NMW for the time spent training, even if this is more than the 80% of their wage that will be subsidised.

There are some implications then for employers as they have to pay employees for the duration of the training. But the legal advice I’ve had from 3 different people is that because the training programme doesn’t result directly in the individual making money for their employer, they qualify.

Government position

The UK government is offering to underwrite up to 80% of employees wages while their employer is unable to give them work. The principle then relating to training then (as I understand it) is that they don’t want to find that they’re supporting people who are still earning money for their employer.

Sales training online

Recently To Market has been developing training online. There are a number of organisations who have sales teams sat at home, with time on their hands. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to spend some time training them.

Currently, we’re offering 2 types of sales training online.

  1. Bespoke training designed to address the issues that your team faces day-to-day when dealing with customers.
  2. Core training – built up of training modules applicable to most sales teams

For more information send us some of your details here. Or simply pick up the phone can call 01858 461148.