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If you’re considering training for your customer service, and incidentally I think that’s a great idea. Why not start with an audit on your customer service team?

95% of the training programmes To Market  runs start with the pre-course team audit. Maybe you know your team needs something. Re-energising, motivating, refocusing. But, where do you start?

What is a team audit? 

A 2 hour on-site session, where I come along and sit with 4 members of your team for 2 hours. So that’s about 30 minutes each. It doesn’t require anyone to take any time out of the business. It’s non-invasive. After that, you can select either a verbal debrief where I will talk you through my observations. Alternatively for a few pounds more I will go away and prepare you a written report too.

OK, how much? 

The bottom line. The most popular version is with the addition of the written report. That is £449 + VAT. The version without the written report, but with a verbal debrief is £349 + VAT. There may be a little extra to cover fuel depending on where you are. 

What value will it add? 

I’ve worked with clients’ phone teams for many years. Prior to that I managed teams for a number of years. Consequently I have a lot of experience working with phone teams : telesales, telemarketing, internal sales and customer service.

Although 2 hours doesn’t sound like long, it can be highly useful. Often without individuals in the teams necessarily aware of what we can learn by sitting with them. I’m interested in such items as

  • How much energy there is in their voice when talking to customers
  • How they come across to customers
  • Their use of language
  • How they structure their calls
  • Their personal working style and organisation
  • The computer system and environment

By the time 2 hours is up, a lot will have been learned. The other benefit of course, is that for clients who book this as the first stage of a training programme, it means that the team members will have met the trainer before the programme starts proper. A number of clients tell me that this is a big benefit.

You can find out more about team audits on the website here.

And if you want to book a team audit for your team, drop us some details here.

How about booking a team audit for your telesales team, before you then decide on training? You can book the team audit, which only takes 2 hours for a few hundred pounds before you commit to a training programme. Perhaps the team audit report will help you get the sign-off from your boss too for a larger training programme.

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