Benchmarking your telesales team ahead of training is important. To Market will carry out an onsite team audit to help benchmark your telephone team – telesales, telemarketing, and telephone based sales teams.

Everyone naturally wants their telesales or telemarketing team to be at the top of their game. Appraising your telephone team on site at your offices helps you identify training needs before taking the plunge. Getting an independent view of your team can be helpful in the effective management of a telesales or telemarketing team.

The To Market independent assessment or team appraisal takes place at your offices and so is completely tailored to your team and gives specific feedback. You can even request a copy of a real team audit report from us. There is a customer service team audit report and one for a telesales or telemarketing team. They have been cleaned up to protect client confidentiality.

Book a benchmark appraisal on your team today and you may be amazed at how much it helps demonstrate to help with the effective running of your team for just a few hundred pounds. Our senior trainer Andrew Seaward – To Market will carry out the audit on your team.