We offer a range of training products & training aids to help you with  training both for your telephone team & for personal or self-development.

There are a number of audio training programmes available featuring CDs about telemarketing, plus telesales CDs and customer service CDs. These cover topics related to telephone skills and telephone techniques as well as help and advice on customer service management, and telesales team management.

In addition there are customer service posters as well as tips booklets about a range of topics including how to choose telemarketing agencies, new business development, plus telesales and telemarketing management as well as customer service or call centre management. There are also hints and tips on how to retain customers and how to find and recruit telesales and customer service personnel. There are many products already available, with many more being developed.

We welcome any suggestions from you about products you’d like to see, so call us – we’d love to hear from you. There will also be products from time to time offering free advice, such as soundclips and downloads.
Happy browsing!