We’ve already got some advice posted in the tips section but if you’ve got here from the blog, here are some tips for getting around the gatekeeper (bane of our lives !)

If you can’t get hold of the person you need to speak to, try calling them at one end of the day or the other when the receptionist is unlikely to be there. Before 9 and after 5 are always good times. Second always store direct dial numbers when they’re given to you or you hear them on voice mails. The same goes for mobile numbers. Another tip is to try another person – such as someone in their department and ask them some questions. They’ll often be able to tell you the main things you want to know.

This is one of the subjects we often end up discussing in our telesales training courses, and the telesales tip on getting past the gatekeeper relating to storing mobile numbers comes from a recent telesales training course in Birmingham West Midlands.