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Today’s top telesales and telemarketing tip concerns the benefit of 8 day call cycles. All of us who make outbound calls know and usually complain that “if only I could get hold of ……..” The NDM (No Decision Maker) is the bane of most telesales or telemarketing people’s lives. You know that you always have a proportion of prospects that you can’t get through to. Your contact may be on holiday, in a meeting, off sick, not taking sales calls, away from their desk, out on the road, with a customer, in a board meeting, not available or any manner of reasons why they can’t talk to you at this time. They may account for around 75% of all the outbound calls you make.

There’s not 8 days in a week – and that’s the whole point!

You also know it is not worth calling them back twice a day every day. Chances are you’re on diminishing returns calling lots of people you’ve already tried to get hold of today, and even worse the receptionist may start to recognise your voice. I would also say that if you’re calling a targeted prospect regularly, they probably know you’re trying to get hold of them.

8 day call cycles may help a little. This is a tip I picked up from a  company I used to work at years ago. And it’s a useful little tool. If you decide you don’t want to call people back for a few days, put them in for an 8 day callback. That way you ensure you’re not calling them at the same time every week. Maybe the reason you can’t get hold of Bill is that you tend to call on Wednesday mornings and he has his weekly production meetings every Wednesday morning.

Calling on 8 day cycles is one way of making sure you’re staggering the times of your calls. It may not help you get hold of your target, but by the same token, it certainly won’t do any harm either.

Certainly don’t call all the same people too regularly – you’re better off going off in pursuit of new opportunities. It is definitely possible for a call pot to go stale. Most of you reading this will know what I mean. You scan down the list of today’s calls and your heart sinks. It’s the same old, same old names with little apparent potential.

So be a pioneer, go for pastures new and find someone new to talk to.

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