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5 top tips for setting up your own in-house telesales team. We have worked with many organisations over the years, and been asked our opinions on many aspects related to setting up and then running an effective in-house telemarketing or telesales team.

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It can be difficult distilling them down to just 5, but we know how much you like lists – so we’ve picked these 5 ;

  1. Have some form of targets. Otherwise how can you (and equally importantly them) measure success ?
  2. Get their results up on a wall board. This has many benefits for them and you.
  3. Check the quality of the leads they are working. Quality in, definitely means quality out. For instance if you are a packaging industry company and you have a list of post offices, and bakers shops, the most successful sales person in the world will struggle.
  4. Set aside some time to talk to members of your team regularly. It will yield enormous benefits.
  5. Keep developing ideas to motivate your team. Telesales and telemarketing is a fast moving environment. Your ability to keep them motivated and enthusiastic will give better service levels to your customers and better results.

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We have many ideas on team motivation, so if you want to get some external help and ideas contact us Finally we have a CD which explains how to make the setting up and running of your own in-house team as smooth as possible. Follow the link here to the range of audio CDs to help with the management of teams. They’re just £34.99 + VAT each.


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