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5 easy steps to make your telesales call a lot more interesting. Ironically I think the reason a lot of people don’t like making cold calls is that they know how they feel when they receive them! You know they’re rubbish, that the sales person launches straight into making some inane small talk with you – like they’re interested and then they want to tell you how great their company is and how great their products and services are and as per the cold call I took yesterday “how this offer we’ve got at the moment would be just great for you.” Yeah, yeah. It doesn’t have to be like this. If you follow the 5 tips here, it will make your call a lot more interesting. And remember your first objective on a sales call is to make it engaging for the person you’re calling. Once you’ve got their attention and ideally their interest, the easier your job will be.

5 easy steps for great telesales 

1.  Get them talking first. People are always much more interested in talking than listening, so get them talking. If it’s a cold call, keep your introduction light “Hello. My name is ___ and I’m calling from Smith & Sons. We specialise in selling electrical components to the  construction industry. Tell me who do you generally deal with when you’re buying such things as light switches and bulbs?” If it’s a call to someone you’ve spoken to before it is a lot easier of course. Once you’ve introduced yourself and they know who you are – ask them how business is at the moment. It’s a great question as it encourages them to talk and gives you a lot of the contextual information you need. If they say “business has been really tough, we’ve just had a round of redundancies” you’d look a bit insensitive if you said “ok, great, can I tell you more then about our £100,000 consultancy service?”

2.  Listen. Attentively, without interrupting. You may have lots to say and lots of benefit statements to unload on them, but keep your powder dry. It worked for Oliver Cromwell and it’ll work just as effectively for you. Make notes too, so that you can refer back to them later in the conversation, or when you’re updating your CRM system.

3.  Tailor your approach to their requirements. Prospects are (like most of us) only motivated by what’s in it for them. Therefore if you can relate what you are offering to them directly, they’ll stay with you mentally. This may mean telling them about other people you’ve worked with who they will know (local businesses, maybe even competitors.) Or by explaining precisely how your product or service will benefit them in specific terms.  “Yes the company down the road from you was telling us that in the first 3 months after implementing our system, they cut staff absence levels by 15%.” Ask yourself “why would I be interested in what I’m saying?”

4. Describe things enthusiastically. I learn a lot from watching TV presenters who discuss their subject passionately. Whether it’s Rick Stein or Jamie Oliver cooking, or Nick Knowles refurbishing someone’s home, or Gordon the F Ramsay putting somebody’s ailing American restaurant business back on the right path, these guys get passionate about their ideas and their conviction. Learn from them and use the power. We all much prefer dealing with people and buying their ideas if they believe in it themselves. Belief and confidence breeds success.

5.  Agree a next action. This helps set expectations and let’s them know what you expect of them! Radical right?! This might be the follow up call next week, after you’ve sent them the introductory e-mail that you’ve just agreed. Or it might be to talk to them in 6 months time when their new budget starts. Or you might even agree to delete their record from your system if thy could quite simply never, ever use your service. But agree a plan so that you reinforce the fact that this call is part of a continuum – part of an ongoing trading relationship.

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