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Top Tips

Be polite!

Most sales people are too pushy! Being polite to whoever answers the phone will get you better results.

Remember to call back

If you’ve promised to call back at a specific time, do so. They will be impressed with your professionalism.

Customers like to say yes

The most natural thing is to want to say yes when somoeone asks you a question. We all like to please I think. I was away staying in a hotel in Warrington (while training), and I was about coming to the end of my meal. I’d had a bottle of beer and couldn’t decide whether to have another one or not. The waitress came by and said “Are you ok for drinks ?” I instinctively said “Yes.” There it was, the word was out and she was gone. I realised that if she’d asked the same question in a different way the outcome would have been different too. She could have said “Can I get you another beer ?” to which I’d have said “Yes !” and an extra sale would have been made. I wonder how many sales opportunities are missed because of this !

Proactive Telesales

I have had over 20 years experience as a telemarketeer both in Recruitment and hard cold appointment making. My experience is not to waste time being fobbed off with sending information or even sending email info…if they are interested in what you have to say they will make an appointment there and then!

Keep your customer informed

It’s all about keeping in touch

The single most common reason why we as customers get frustrated with organisations is because they don’t keep us informed. We get frustrated when they don’t call us back, when they don’t do what they say they will, when they ignore us etc. So keep your customer up to date with how you’re doing on their behalf.

Good call openings

The 3 key steps

A good sales call will begin with 3 key statements in the first sentence. You should start with your name, the name of the organisation you’re calling from and the reason for the call. Be honest and open at the start and you will get more from the other person.

Have a look at the more in depth article Andrew has written on HubPages, by pasting this link into your browser http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-structure-a-powerful-telesales-call-opening


Questions are the answer

Whether you’re in customer service or telesales/telemarketing good questioning will help you greatly. Ask lots & really get to understand the other person’s point of view by asking good questions. Your mum might have said it is nosey but in business – good questioning is crucial !

Target lapsed customers

Aim for lapsed customers

Of all those prospects, the category most likely to buy from you again and with the least sales cost are those who’ve bought from you before, your lapsed customers. You already know they have an application for your products or services – that’s why they bought from you before. They also know about you (good and bad.) Chances are you also know a bit about their set up, how their organisation works, who the key people are, the volumes they buy etc. So these are the easiest people to sell to. I didn’t say easy, I said easiest ! So have a plan, a strategy to approach, reopen contact with these people. You will find you recapture many of them. The alternative – trying to develop new markets or new customers is expensive so let your competitors do this while you work to steal their customers from them.

Your team’s motivation

Leakage in Communication gives the game away

Be aware of verbal leakage. What we say and more importantly how we say it are determined by what is going on in our head. So check your team’s motivation. Because if they are feeling frustrated with company systems or are demotivated, chances are it will come across in their dealings with your customers.

Be proactive

Keep a step ahead of your customer

Often the last thing you want to do is communicate with a customer about a problem. However if you let them know what has gone wrong and more importantly WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, it will win them over and impress them that you’re thinking about them

Keep your customer informed

It’s all about keeping in touch

The single most common reason why we as customers get frustrated with organisations is because they don’t keep us informed. We get frustrated when they don’t call us back, when they don’t do what they say they will, when they ignore us etc. So keep your customer up to date with how you’re doing on their behalf.

Selecting a good telemarketing agency

Advice on using a telemarketing agency for £10

There are many agencies who work in many different ways. We guide you through this process with our easy to read tips booklet.
Payment is easy, through PayPal or through credit card online. Follow this link

Getting past the receptionist

The age old problem. Here are 5 suggestions to get to the decision maker.

1. Try calling them at one end of the day or the other when the receptionist is unlikely to be there
2. Always store direct dial numbers when they’re given to you or you hear them on voice mails
3. Try another person – such as someone in their department and ask them some questions
4. Refer to previous information if you’ve spoken to them before
5. Use some technobabble, i.e. more technical information so that the receptionist doesn’t feel confident answering for them

There are additional and more detailed articles on getting past the gatekeeper on the blog,have a look here for instance

Befriending gatekeepers

Treat the gatekeeper as your friend

The receptionist or P.A. is in a stronger bargaining position than you, so respect this imbalance of power. Be friendly to them, use their name back to them and use words like advise, suggest and help. You will get more out of them if you are respectful to them.

Shortcuts ?

There are no shortcuts !

There are no quick fixes, or shortcuts in selling
It is about doing the right things methodically, and consistently. Dedication to the sales process and professionalism will get you the results you want.

Objections – been there

You’ve heard them all before

Find out how to deal with the objections you will face.
Once you’ve decided, then formulate the words you will use. Most of the objections you face are ones you’ve heard before once you’ve been doing the job for a few weeks.

Your voice

How much your voice can give away

80% or more of your message is received from your vocal tone
So be conscious of the impression you’re giving
If you’re having a bad day, chances are the other person knows it !

Get the appointment !

You need to close

Closing an appointment with someone needn’t be scary. Because if you’ve done the ground work thoroughly you should be lining them up to say “yes” to you. Furthermore a professional business person expects you to close them. Remember your ABCs. Always Be Closing !

Be assertive !

Make sure your questioning is assertive

Make your questioning assertive. This will only happen naturally if you genuinely believe in your head that your call is worthwhile and has some value so have a word with yourself to get your mind right ! Do you mind if I ask you what you’re using at the moment is not as assertive as “What are you using at the moment ?”

People buy from people

If they like you your job is easier

People buy from people. Remember this always.
This means that you need to create an image of yourself that they will like. So this includes sounding genuine, honest, and interested in them. Being obsequious or saying things that you think they want to hear may make you sound false, and they’ll not trust you so readily.


You have to ask !

When selling it is important that you ask for the order, as soon as you feel that they ought to say yes. If you’ve done the selling job correctly, you’ll know when this is.
Then ask, because if you don’t ask they can’t say yes !!

Top quote

Quotes to live your life by !

“It’s not about how good you are when you’re winning, it’s about how good you are when you’re losing.” This is credited to Margaret Thatcher. Remember things won’t always go your way, things won’t always be easy. True champions and successful people are those who keep going even when the going gets tough, and who show great character and resilience.

Talk benefits – not features

Benefit selling is an important part of building interest in your offer

It is easy to get carried away with all the latest whizz bang features of your new product or service.
However what will really interest your prospect is how it will benefit them. So consider it from their point of view. It works better that way

Dealing with whingers !

Tip for managers

If you have someone within your team who constantly complains and moans about everything – try this simple technique. Simply tell them that whenever there is something they wish to complain about, they should also come to you with 3 suggestions on how it could be overcome. Getting them to become solution orientated will help reduce the whingeing ! We run a training course specifically for telephone team managers, supervisors and team leaders


How to offer efficient service

Efficiency in customer service consists of 2 opposing forces.
It means speed, but it also means accuracy. Neither one without the other is efficient service.

Be friendly

It’s obvious isn’t it ?

We all appreciate that it is important to be friendly. So how is that we have all spoken to people who aren’t ?
Make sure that your words, your tone and your attitude are in tune with being friendly !

Keep smiling !

Your mood affects the other person

It’s true that people can tell a lot about us by our mood. So if you have someone in your customer service team who is having a bad day, chances are your customer can tell !

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