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Why high pressure selling doesn’t work in B2B

By andrew on April 1, 2019

Why high pressure selling doesn’t work in B2B. Admittedly there are still lots of stories of aggressive, hard sell around but have you noticed how this is almost exclusively in B2C markets? You just don’t find much of this stuff in B2B (Business to Business) markets. Here’s why.

Selling in Industrial or B2B markets is very different to selling to consumers. First it is easy to think that it is because generally the buyer is less well informed, more easily influenced and will make decisions more emotionally when buying as a consumer. It is harder to coerce someone into parting with their money when they’re acting on behalf of their company. There’s a counter-intuitive irony. They’re more savvy, and have to justify their decisions to others. So high pressure selling is less likely to work when the proposition is under more scrutiny. However, I think there is something even more fundamental going on here. And it’s this…..

What B2B selling is really all about

With B2B markets you are inevitably trying to build an ongoing trading relationship with your customer or client. You don’t just want this order, but you want next month’s order and the one after that and them to be trading with you through next year as well. Therefore you have to try and build a relationship with them. And of course, building a relationship with anyone inevitably involves building trust, integrity and a long-term partnership. You have to look after their best interests to safeguard your own. Consequently if you coerce, lie or cheat someone into giving you an order, they’re hardly likely to come rushing back to place more business with you are they?!

An approach which is consensual, considers how they can get best value (long-term) from what you’re offering, and which is built upon partnership has to be the formula.

So no hard selling tactics in B2B market places. It simply won’t work long-term. By contrast ……..

The problem with B2C selling

The main reason To Market tends to major on training in B2B sectors is that I simply don’t like the B2C selling process as much. It encourages both parties to play games with each other. Yes, customers are equally guilty of lies, cheating and mistruths as suppliers. Let’s consider an example. Let’s assume you sell double glazing or whatever. If you complete a sale successfully, when will that customer next be in the market for what you sell? Yes possibly 20 or 30 years. Or maybe never. So what incentive is there for the salesperson to be entirely honest and act with integrity? The salesperson will only be interested in the commission they’ll earn on this sale. Who cares that the customer won’t buy again. You, the salesperson won’t be in that job in 20 years in any case! And to make mattes worse some B2C sales organisations pay commission only. So even less reason to focus on the customer’s needs.

If you run sales or marketing in a B2B company, ensure that your sales team are great at presenting benefits to your customers and prospects and truly understand how to give the customer maximum value. Long-term it’s a winner.

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