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What makes a successful telesales person?

By andrew on August 30, 2012

What makes a successful telesales or telemarketing person?

There are many angles you can look at here, but one of things I sometimes find when working with sales teams is that the difference can be based on the degree of customer-focus.

Average salespeople tend to look at what’s in it for them (i.e. the commission) rather than focusing on the needs of the customer. This is therefore about short-term goals, than it is about long-term objectives, focusing on the the long-term trading relationship. Seeing the relationship and also the sales transaction from their own perspective.

Of course, things like a belief in your product or service and positive thinking is important, but the successful salesperson is the one who truly believes that the product/service he/she is providing is what’s best for the customer. This also means that they can sleep at night as they believe they’re helping the customer. It also works of course for other reasons too.

Customers see the best salespeople more as consultants and partners than they do as salesmen or saleswomen. This position of trust clearly makes the relationship work better. Being prepared to give up short-term quick wins for a long-term relationship is a great long-term strategy for successful selling.

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