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Tips on rapport building over the phone

By andrew on September 29, 2015

On a recent training course in Derby for a field based sales team, we did some work on building rapport on the phone. 

To some degree discussing how to build rapport with people is almost pointless, in that it might as well be called “lessons on being polite.” I’m sure you don’t need me to help you with that! Building rapport is about behaving and demonstrating values which are most likely to make them like you, and which make them feel comfortable with you and equally importantly trust you. These are our tips on rapport building – as a group.

  • It’s about being a human they like
  • Personal integrity is hugely important
  • Common interests. Look for these as it makes it easier to build bridges
  • Be light in your communication style
  • Polite persistence pays
  • If you can’t be number 1, aim to be number 2
  • Be the ‘go-to guy.’ Send articles etc.
  • Be around (at exhibitions etc.)

Part of the aim is to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of sales people out there, claiming to be just the thing they need, however THERE’S ONLY ONE YOU! Be happy to be an individual. Work to get  close to what’s known as your centre of authenticity. In other words, the more you act naturally and don’t have to act, the easier it is. Of course this means being professional and positive and polite. But hopefully these are qualities you have in your personal life in any case. Have your own opinions by all means. Be considered in how you voice them and don’t ‘go there’ if your view might be controversial but it’s ok to have likes and dislikes.

Building integrity

It takes a while for someone to get to trust you. But the good news is that it’s worth the wait. So always check that you’re acting with honesty and do what you say. And act in their best interests as much as you can.

So all in all, just use your usual charm and personality and you’ll find it easy to build integrity with them.

If this is a topic for your sales meeting or as part of a training programme contact us To Market on 01858 461148 or via e-mail info@tomarket.co.uk. Training is run across the Midlands and Eastern Counties including Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Peterborough, St. Ives, Cambridge, Newmarket, Oakham, Rutland, Warwick, Stratford, Rugby, Lutterworth, Daventry and Banbury.



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