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Free Telemetrics Trial

We’ll prepare you some analysis of your own team’s data – so it will be real life and you can see the comparative performance of each member of your very own team. So fill in the boxes below – it really is easy!

We just need 4 bits of information from you.

  1. Put the name of each person in the team in the left column
  2. Enter the total number of hours they spent on the phone over the period. This may be a week, or perhaps a month. Daily results are a bit unreliable!
  3. Enter the number of calls where they got through to the decision-maker (because these are the only real selling opportunities)
  4. Finally tell us their total results. Depending on your business this may be appointments or sales, or qualified sales leads. Just enter whatever you measure them on.

If you are having difficulties with any of this – just call us on 01858 461148.

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Total diallings Total Decision makers Total Results
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