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Outbound telemarketing is back in fashion

By andrew on July 7, 2016

Outbound telemarketing appears to be back in fashion.

In the  recent past, B2B (business to business) marketeers have been developing what are known as inbound marketing models. Encouraging customers and prospects to contact you using a number of modern technology driven methods. Social networking, website contact forms and interactivity, eflyers and the rest.

And yet …………………. generating a good amount of new prospects remains as important as ever. But marketeers often find that the ‘free’ methods of contact such as social media, may increase engagement, but it doesn’t necessarily increase sales. There is now an increasing focus on quality of leads over quantity. Salesforces are too expensive to be chasing lots of leads with little or no potential.

So now we have to get closer to our customers and talk to them and find out what they really want and how. Furthermore as the speed of change increases due to changing technology and a bust-boom economy, we have to listen to what our customers tell us daily.

Outbound telemarketing offers you the chance to talk to a good number of customers on a daily basis without incurring the large costs of running a car to go door-knocking.  Phone charges have never been so low (free in many cases) and you can talk to c20 decision-makers a day in the average B2B market.

Furthermore, backed up by your sophisticated CRM system, you are now able to categorise prospects by numerous selection criteria. Effective sales effort is partly based on good initial targeting and data quality.

Keep going with your inbound marketing techniques, and perhaps with the more traditional forms of marketing such as paid advertising, exhibitions etc, but don’t lose sight of the benefits that some great outbound telemarketing or telesales can offer you. Needless to say the ideal mix is different from company to company and from industry to industry. But if you want to discuss the idea of some well structured outbound lead generation, as part of your overall marketing mix, contact Andrew – the one with the marketing degree and let us see if we can help you.

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