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Why B2B businesses still need to do telemarketing calls

By andrew on January 15, 2019

Why B2B businesses still need to do telemarketing calls. With the UK economy still getting back on it’s feet, and increased competition in many sectors, the temptation is to look to the cheapest, easiest ways of marketing your business. The growth of social media is clear evidence of this. But of course, just because something is easy or cheap doesn’t make it effective.

Admittedly, outbound telemarketing may seem a bit 80s, but done properly, well structured telemarketing can give you many benefits. And what kind of benefits might you expect?

1.You can identify the main reasons someone might buy from you – You will get to understand what makes them buy, by talking to prospects and even your own customers and clients. What do they like about yours and your competitors offerings? And what do they not like?  What are they looking for by having a 20 minute conversation with you? You’ll learn lots and hopefully you’ll find it stimulating too.

2. You are more closely in touch with your market – The very fact that you’re talking to a number of people, maybe 125 in a week means you’ve got your ear to the ground. If something happens in your sector chances are you’ll find out about it quickly. Much more difficult to know what is going on if you only sell through distributors.

3. Quality feedback – Imagine if you have some detailed, in-depth conversations each week with a cross section of your target market. This will allow you to understand far better the needs of your sector. What would make their life easier? What do they really want? How much are they prepared to pay for it? What specification, delivery options do they want, pricing schedules etc. Detailed one to one conversations will help you find out.

4. Niche marketing – telemarketing is a great way of test marketing a new niche you’re interested in entering. Yes you may want to do it through an agency if secrecy is key, but however you do it, you’re talking to the market before investing large. At best this may avoid costly mistakes, at worst it may cost you a little to confirm what you already thought you knew.

5. Low cost – Outbound telemarketing is relatively low cost. Your only costs are the wages for the person carrying out the job and don’t scrimp here. Get someone good. The quality of their work will easily repay the extra investment. Also you have phone costs, but these are small now in the days of VOIP, calling bundles etc. The upside is that phone calls are the second best contact you can have with clients and prospects. Because it is a dialogue.

If you think telemarketing could be great for your business, give us a call. We’d be glad to help if we can. You can call us on 01858 461148 or simply e-mail info@tomarket.co.uk. 

Alternatively you may already have a telemarketing team, but feel that you could get far more from them. Either way, we’re here to help.

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