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Team Audits

The team audit

In just 2 hours we’ll give you some ideas about how you can improve the performance of your telephone team.

We are able to offer you a team audit where we come in and listen to your telephone team while they work.

You will have a view on how successful your team is in isolation, but how do they compare with other teams in other industries?

On site team audits

2 hour team audit carried out on-site

You may do a bit of this yourself, but chances are you are not seen as independent.


An independent audit carried out on your team by an external specialist can be useful for a number of reasons.

Typically these might include ;

– To get an independent view of your team and its performance.
– Team evaluation prior to training in order to identify key issues which need to be covered.
– To get someone externally to spend some time with the team, when it can be difficult to find the time to do it yourself.
– To carry out some specific troubleshooting, (i.e. to get an unbiased view of each individual)

A Team Audit may also help with:

  • benchmarking
  • team development ideas

An audit gives additional benefit as it signals to the group that you’re interested in it’s ongoing development and progression.

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