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UK based French speaking customer service training

By andrew on December 19, 2017

Customer Service training provided for UK based, French speaking customer service teams around the UK. Everyone is a human being wherever they’re based. So the highly interactive course works for anyone in a customer facing role whatever language they’re working in.

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The banks and customer service

By andrew on February 15, 2009

Free advice, tips, hints and customer service techniques customer service banking sector customer service training for banks free customer service tips what makes exceptional customer service how to exceed customer expectations

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Customer Service training courses tips and blog

By andrew on December 2, 2008

Customer Service telephone skills training in-house covering how to exceed customer expectations. Leicester, Northampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Cambridge, Peterborough, Nottingham, Derby, Lichfield, Solihull

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Positive attitude – develop one !

By andrew on April 25, 2008

Having a positive attitude when dealing with customers is key to success. Whether you deal with customers in a customer service environment or you are in telesales or telemarketing, your attitude will be noticed on both a conscious and sub-conscious level.

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Smiling !

By andrew on April 23, 2008

The value of smiling when in customer service. A smile is free

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Remember to call back

By admin on April 22, 2008

If you’ve promised to call back at a specific time, do so. They will be impressed with your professionalism. Customer Services Training Courses run by To Market

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