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Cross selling – some tips

By andrew on October 18, 2019

Cross-selling as distinct from upselling or switch selling is another form of tactical sale. I’m defining cross-selling as a situation where you offer them an alternative product or service. 

The most likely reason this could happen is because you’re out of stock on the product they want. 

Therefore this requires product knowledge on your part. So make sure that you always know what alternatives to offer. This will be for just about every product or service that they could want. So learning all this make take time. But that’s fine, because it makes you an expert. And becoming an expert is the place to aim for.

A few things that help;

  • Listen out for details about the application, i.e. how they intend using the product or service.
  • Ask questions to understand their situation.
  • LEARN YOUR PRODUCTS. So that you can uncover opportunities.
  • Reassure them by talking about the benefits of the alternative product that you’re offering.
  • Talk about best-sellers. People like things more when they’re popular!

In a recent training session in Coventry, the group I worked with came up with the following suggestions, which I’ve turned into generic points. Their list was far more product-specific.

  • Offer an alternative product that does the same thing
  • Alternative specification (size, model, colour) may do it
  • With low-cost consumables, try an alternative sell, steer them towards your own-label product where you can
  • Alternative brands on branded products “we haven’t got the xx, but we have got this yy.”
  • Sell other products to complement the item they’re after.
  • Always aim to KEEP THE CUSTOMER and we also agreed that you should….

In other words, don’t be happy to offer them some old bull. Don’t try to sell them just anything. You might get this sales, but they’re less likely to come back are they? Instead use your knowledge to offer them advice and guidance. Adding value to the relationship is the way of building a great long-term trading relationship.

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