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Selecting a good telemarketing agency

See what some professional telemarketing could do for your business!

If you want to try some phoning, but want to avoid the commitment of recruitment, salaries and overheads, why not limit the exposure and try it first? We can carry out phoning on your behalf. Based around a set package, we carry out phoning for a set period, on leads from your database.

You may already have a phone team, but you may not be able to afford to redeploy them onto specific tasks. This is particularly true if they deal with a significant number of inbound calls. It can be useful to “farm out” the less desirable work. For instance, some clients are interested in us phoning the lapsed part of their customer base. Often an existing team may be reluctant to phone ex-customers if they can spend their day talking to regular customers in a “comfort zone”. Secondly, it is easier for an outsider to take details impartially if they’re about reasons why customers no longer deal with you.

It is also true for some companies that their sales effort can only cope with a limited amount of telephone marketing activity. So here you have a service that you can turn on and turn off.

Phone4You is useful for:

a) Appointment setting – To set qualified appointments for your sales staff. This might be as a test, to cover a vacant area etc.

b) Customer care – As we know good customer care makes people come back. But how many companies get the time to call their customers to stay in touch ?

c) Direct sales – Give us the task of working with you to sell a particular product (for instance) over the phone. You never know it might just work ! You might have a product that is too low value to sell economically with your field force. Or perhaps you have some products which are consumables or commodities.

d) Event invitations – It can be time consuming, but necessary to find out who is going to attend your seminar or event.

e) Database cleaning – Many databases are old, “dusty” and will yield many advantages if cleaned. You need to know if all your mailing activity is finding the right target, and whether the contact is still there, and even if the company is still trading !

To find out more about how outsourced telemarketing works and what we could do for you, call us on 01858 461148.

We have worked with many B2B companies over the years including I.T., ERP software solutions, software developers, metals manufactuers and finshers, materials handling, food packaging, Audio Visual, vending, personal protective equipment, construction safety consultancy as well as many others.

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