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Last few drops of your training budget

Although it seems things are improving for the UK economy, not everyone is awash with money yet!

You may have a financial year ending in the next couple of months, with not a lot left in the kitty. You may be an HR or L&D professional who wants to oversee a programme of improved skills within the company. Especially at the front end : with the personnel  who represent the business and deal with customers.

Or maybe you are a team leader or manager of a team who wants to support and motivate their team to become better, more effective within their role.

Either way, provided you have at least £34.99 left we can help. If not, perhaps we should talk again next year! Here are some things we could offer to help you keep moving things forward, to maintain the investment in your people without breaking the bank.

Here are some ideas;

  1. One of the training CDs we have available to buy online through our sister business Associated Learning Systems.    These cover telephone selling, customer service, general verbal communication skills and self-improvement products. They’re only £34.99 delivered and offer you access to a wealth of training material that you can use to develop your own in-house training library, or to include in your own in-house training programme.
  2. There are packages of audio CDs available too. With the 3 pack on selling and another triple pack on customer service, for sale at just £69.98 (buy 2 get 1 free) this offers great value on detailed tips and advice on these 2 key areas of business development.
  3. Team auditsFor less than £400 we can give you an up to date, personalised report on your telephone based team and how they carry out their phoning role talking to your customers. It only takes 2 hours and you get a report with ideas and observations about how you can help develop your team.
  4. Call recordings. If you record your calls, this opens up opportunities for you. And for us. We can carry out some analysis on real calls by critiquing the content of the call. This can be done remotely by you sending us the audio files and so is a value service that can give you very tailored feedback and advice.

If you have just a little left in the kitty, that you’d like to invest before the new financial year starts over again, contact us via e-mail on info@tomarket.co.uk or by phone directly on 01858 461148

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