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How to use audio CDs for telephone skills training

By andrew on July 2, 2019

We were asked an interesting question recently about our ideas for the most effective way of using our audio CDs. Our set of audio CDs available through our sister company Associated Learning Systems cover most of the training material which our 2 day telephone skills courses are based upon. The learning CDs go into more detail than we can cover in a 2 day interactive workshop and are typically around 45 – 60 minutes long each.

The audio CDs are split into 5 categories;

  1. General based communication skills (questioning, listening, mixed messages etc.)
  2. How to sell effectively over the phone (for both telemarketing and telephone sales individuals)
  3. Customer service
  4. Telephone team management
  5. Personal self-development (goal setting, time management)


Range of training material telesales customer service on audio CD

Range of training material telesales customer service on audio CD

How can I use them?

There are many applications for audio to enhance a training programme. Often managers, directors or owners buy them to pick up some ideas to help their teams get better results. “I want to stay ahead of the curve” as one company director put it to us recently.


Sometimes telephone team supervisors, managers and team leaders use them to help develop mini training workshops for their teams. Telesales, telemarketing, customer service, internal sales.


Many of our audio training CDs are used by clients as part of our Care package – post training so that they can reinforce the training messages with the team in-house, without necessarily getting us back in to reinforce the message.


We also like the idea that a few clients have used of buying the set of training CDs and then asking each of the team members (who attended our course) to prepare mini training sessions for their team colleagues. I like this idea a lot. It works on the basis that “the best way to learn is to teach.”


We’ve also sold many of these training CDs to company trainers to help them build up their library of material and competencies in training material and delivery.


Finally we worked with one company a few years ago, looking to set up their own in-house telemarketing team. Their new sales manager bought the set on phone team management and used them he said “as his template for setting his team up.” Sounds good to us!


So the following applications are ones we’ve heard about;


  1. A source of information and tips for company owners, directors and managers to help them inject some ideas in to their teams or individuals.
  2. New material for company trainers
  3. Material to help telephone team managers to plan out mini training sessions with their team.
  4. Reinforcement by To Market clients of the key training messages
  5. A basis for telephone team training by the team members themselves


Purchasing is easy, you can buy online through the website with a credit card or Paypal account.

Just £34.99 + VAT per product, with discounts available for multiple purchases. You won’t need many new ideas to repay your investment many times over will you?

Contact us at To Market on 01858 461148 or by e-mail info@tomarket.co.uk




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