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To Market telephone skills training – how we charge

By andrew on July 3, 2013

To Market telephone skills training – how we charge. Chances are you’re here reading this because you’re considering the idea of some telephone skills training for your customer service, telesales, telemarketing or internal sales team.

Good idea we say!

The training To Market does is mainly classroom based training – generally spread over 2 days. The majority of courses we run are what we call in-house commissioned courses held on your premises for groups of people.  Normally up to 6 at a time.

Our courses are all highly interactive as we find consistently that this is the way we all learn best. So we use a selection of interactive techniques. There are some recorded exercises, working in pairs and group discussions (or brain storming exercises.)

The word which seems to come up most in the post-course feedback delegates give is ‘fun.’ We like that. You see, I’ve always learned more when I’m having fun, so there is nothing wrong with FUN being an end in itself.

Groups of 6 works well, as it is large enough to tap into everyone’s ideas and for us to have some lively discussions, but it is also small enough for everyone to feel comfortable contributing their ideas. Our exercises make sure that everyone does.

We offer a sales orientated version of the 2 day course which includes such topics as Features, Advantages & Benefits as well as the in-depth work on the Structure of the sales call.

Alternatively for inbound customer service teams the course includes modules on dealing with Complaints, Objections and Nos. We also then do the work on Pacifics (the specifics of pacification), i.e. how to calm down difficult and demanding people.

One day course

We also provide 1 day courses for organisations where either time or budget is limited. Unsurprisingly the one day course is a stripped down version of our 2 day courses.

Full fat versions of training

There are 3 day courses available too, which suit companies especially those who want to go into more tailored work for their sales or customer service team.

Larger groups

If you need us to, we can accommodate slightly larger groups (larger than 6.) We don’t like to grow the size of a group too much as we want everyone to be involved. The larger the group, the less interactive it is. However, I’ve even done presentations for groups of 100+ at conference and run small syndicate groups too at conferences with clients.

Of course we do follow-up courses

Many clients are determined that their investment in training for their team isn’t simply a tick in a box. They want it to be part of a larger ongoing programme. We’re happy to provide this ongoing training and refresher sessions with the group. Needless to say, the more work we do with a client, the more tailored it becomes.

Most training programmes these days start with the team audit : 2 hours on site sitting with members of your team while they talk to your customers. You can find out more here team audits

Midlands based open courses

For those of you with only 1 or 2 people for training, we offer a range of open courses. The same material but run at venues across the Midlands and Eastern Counties. This is especially helpful if you have a customer service team and can’t afford to have everyone out at the same time.

Fee structure 

We don’t publish a fee structure. However, we’re not shy and more than happy to talk numbers over the phone with you. It depends on what you want the course to cover, and whether much material has to be rewritten. Also the number of people for training has a bearing on the fee, as does your location.

Another way of looking at it

The way to evaluate training of course is to consider how much extra revenue you will generate and what the training fee is. Chances are the increase in profit will far exceed what you spend. And that’s the way it should be.

To find out more about telesales and customer service training in Leicester, Northampton, Rugby, Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull, Redditch, Lichfield, Nottingham, Derby, Milton Keynes, Bedford and wider parts of the West and East Midlands, contact us on 01858 461148  or e-mail info@tomarket.co.uk 


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