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Sales training for accountants – London

By andrew on May 28, 2018

Recently I ran a day’s sales training for a team of London based accountants. They were a good, lively group and not at all like the stereotype. We had an enjoyable day. This team goes out on face to face sales appointments all over London and the South East to support their business development manager. They are the technical back-up.

The walk to work - Sales training for accountants

The walk to work – Sales training for accountants

So the day’s training Running the Sales Process was aimed at the needs of accountants when dealing with clients and prospects face to face.

  1. Sales as a process – comparing accounting and sales as processes. Getting the accountants to feel comfortable with sales as a process that you lead clients through
  1. Pre-call planning – how being organised and with some effective planning and research will make the meeting go better.
  1. Face to face – the ways to come across to give you the best opportunity of success. Splitting the call into 3 sections, and understanding that you need to be different things at each stage. From making small talk to being a technical expert.
  1. Questioning Skills – how using a good blend of questions will help unlock opportunities whilst displaying interest at the same time – which helps build rapport.
  1. Structuring your presentation – listen first, talk second. How this works to make the pitch highly effective. When to ‘tell’, when to ‘advise’ and when you can inspire!
  1. Supporting – exploring the dynamic between the accountant and their business colleague.
  1. Selling as a continuum – examination and brain storming on the sales process being continuous and how this can present additional opportunities, and chances to shine.
  1. How to stand out – a lively discussion around how to leave a lasting positive impression. A client has a choice of technically good accountants. So why should they choose you? We talked about some ideas.

As with all To Market  training the format was highly interactive. This group of London based accountants came up with lots of great ideas during the discussive parts of the course.

Prompted by some comments in the ’round the table’ introductions, about not being comfortable with the idea of selling – which doesn’t surprise me in the least for a team of accountants, we had an impromptu discussion around selling, what it is, what it shouldn’t be and why B2B sales is very different to B2C which is what most people are thinking of when they say they don’t like the idea of selling. So all in all a very enjoyable day – and with some bits ‘off-piste’ thrown in for good measure. That’s one of the great joys of interactive courses, you never quite know what direction they’ll go in!

If you run an accountancy team or indeed an accountancy practice and you want to help your team make the transition to becoming more rounded business people with a bit of sales training – which will help build your business too of course, then talk to us.

To Market runs training courses for many specific customer facing roles, including accountants. Over one day we can get them to contribute ideas to the sales process and identify how they can get more from it.

I am the first to accept that accountants and sales people aren’t always natural bedfellows. However being able to harness these 2 sets of skills makes for a highly effective business person.

For sales training and accountants contact To Market on 01858 461148 or e-mail us info@tomarket.co.uk. We provide training in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Northampton and across the Midlands, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.



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