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Telesales & Telemarketing Training

Some fun and involving training to help develop the skills of your telephone based team

“You really have three choices as a manager. First you can hire winners. They are hard to find and they cost money. Or second, if you can’t find a winner, you can hire someone with the potential to be a winner. Then you systematically train that person to become a winner. If you are not willing to do either of the first two (and I am continually amazed at the number of managers who won’t spend the money to hire a winner or take the time to train someone to become a winner), then there is only the third choice left – prayer.” From the One Minute Manager (Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson)

Your telesales or telemarketing team spends more time talking to your customers and prospects than anybody else in your company. In spite of this typically organisations spend considerably less on training their phone based personnel than they do on their field based team.

Aside from your investment in developing your products and services, it is often your sales people that make the biggest difference. We all like to buy from people we like. The skills that your people need are the same across all industries. We’ve recently worked with I.T. sales in Northamptonshire, automotive sales teams in Milton Keynes, service sector sales teams in Cambridge, a metal manufacturer in Birmingham, and carried out sales training for a business supplies company in Kettering.

Consequently your telesales or telemarketing team plays an important part in driving your business forward. Investing in them and their sales skills is a good way of underlining your commitment to the ongoing development of the company.

Whether you want training for 1 or 60 people, we have programmes to suit. Download a copy of a typical 2 day in-house telesales training course schedule.

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